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Taylor Momsen demands her audience STRIP OFF. WTF?!

Here’s everyone’s favourite dysfunctional teen, Taylor Momsen performing in Barcelona with her band The Pretty Feckless *ahem* Reckless.

In the vid, Taylor can be seen luring some innocent teenage types on stage, with the only requirement being that they take their tops off.

This is something they are all prepared to do if it means they can jump on stage alongside their hero, so it’s not long before Tay is accompanied by a whole entourage of bra flashing fans.

Typical Momsen behaviour then. If she’s not sticking duct tape across her norks (maybe she just can't face peeling it off?), she is demanding teenagers remove their clothes, she is so totally channelling Cobain.

Also, now we all know that stage types probably have a special stage voice but Taylor’s is just ridic. She sounds like big voice over man off X Factor meets Buzz Lightyear.

We are not quite sure what to think. We think the idea is we admire her ‘don’t give a hoot’ attitude, but we feel more like we need a bit of a wash, but are not sure if we have time before the police arrive…

Let us not forget, this is Cindy Lou off The Grunch, Little J off Gossip Girl and she is just SEVENTEEN years old. Surely her time would be better spent outside a leisure park drinking White Lightening.



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