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Cheryl Cole is "the most boring woman in the world" say Hollywood paparazzi

Cheryl Cole is

If Cheryl Cole wants to launch herself as star in America, you’d never know it. The Girls Aloud star has been living a reclusive lifestyle in Los Angeles, leading to the paparazzi dubbing her the “most boring woman in the world.”

Cheryl has been staying at the five-star Hollywood Sunset Marquis hotel, using the state-of-the-art recording studio in the basement to work on new material, but according to celebrity snappers all she does is work, work out and sit by the pool. 

One photographer has told The Mail On Sunday, “It’s a waste of time. She never does anything. She is the most boring woman in the world.” While another commented, “She is as dull as ditchwater. She never does anything except go to the gym, lie by the pool and work.”

Room service

A hotel snitch has also backed up claims that Cheryl – who is staying with her younger brother Garry – doesn’t behave like a celeb, or do anything to raise her profile in the media,

“No one here in LA knows who Cheryl Cole is, which makes her behaviour even weirder. We are used to seeing big stars here. U2 come here all the time, Steve Tyler was in last week. Mick Jagger always stays here when he’s in town.

“The hotel is steps away from Sunset Strip and tons of restaurants, clubs and bars, but Cheryl and Garry stay in their suite. Most of the time she orders food from room service. She gets oatmeal, fruit and salads and he’ll go for a burger and beer. She always over-tips so the room-service guys fight over who gets to serve her.

“They occasionally eat in the restaurant. The pool is private and she spends a lot of time there although, again, it is odd as she will cover her tummy with a towel, almost like she’s embarrassed or hiding her figure, which is nuts as she’s super-skinny. She chain-smokes Marlboros and goes to the spa. She always wears dark sunglasses, even in the morning when it’s cloudy.”

In fairness to Cheryl, why should she be seen falling out of clubs a la Lindsay Lohan when she’s in LA to work?


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