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The Saturdays: Don't take X Factor too seriously

The Saturdays: Don't take X Factor too seriously

The Saturdays are probably in quite a good position to be commenting on things like the pop industry, they are after all one of the biggest girl bands around.

So it’s nice to hear their take on the monster that is X Factor.

Una admits that she and Mollie even tried out for similar shows in the past but with somehow, no luck! Shocker!

But what they learnt was that shows like the X Factor are not the only way to carve a successful pop career, as the girls themselves have done pretty darn well without one.

"Me and Mollie have auditioned in the past for shows like that and didn't get far. But it's proof that it's not the only way into the industry. It's a good experience but you don't have to take it so seriously." Una said.

However, that doesn’t mean the girls don’t love a Saturday night in with The X Factor like the rest of us. They reckon the new series is "brilliant" and they love the new judges:

"We really, really like them, I think they're a fresh team, and a fresh take on the show." Rochelle said.

And in the light of the rumours that Frankie was in the running for a seat on the panel, she says The Sats just aren’t at that level yet and are still on the same level as the contestants!

"We're not at that level, we're still being judged ourselves," she said.




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