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You’ll blush when you find out why Zac Efron is trending on Twitter

You’ll blush when you find out why Zac Efron is trending on Twitter

Being the modern types that we are, we’re always social networking. Whether that’s poking a celebrity on Facebook or looking at who’s a new trending topic on Twitter.

While we weren’t all that surprised to see that High School Musical hottieZac Efron is trending on Twitter as we literally type these words, our initial reaction was one of confusion. Zac hasn’t got a movie out at the moment. So what on earth are thousands and thousands of people saying about Zac to make him one of the most talked about things on Twitter.

Of course... there’s a supposed naked picture of 23-year-old actor doing the rounds! In fact Zac appears to be more than just naked - he’s got his old chap out and his giving himself some lovin’ (well, he doesn’t have a girlfriend to lend him a hand at the moment).

If you go on Twitter right now (and do come back to us if you do), you’ll see the complete picture in all its, erm, glory. We’re having a rare prudish moment, so we’re just showing you an edited version.

We reckon it’s a case of some dastardly photoshop trickery, with some joker putting Zac's head on a different body.  


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