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Coleen Rooney on Argos TV

Coleen Rooney on Argos TV

There may have been a handful of people attempting to adjust their televisions on Tuesday night and we don’t blame them, as it’s not every day that you see Coleen Rooney on Argos TV.

Coleen is allegedly worth a hefty £49 million, so it’s no wonder that her, erm, “unique” bid to promote her jewellery range has raised a few eye brows.

In the cringe-worthy footage, the 25 year-old is sat alongside the main Argos TV presenter, trying to sell items (some are reduced in price) including hoop earrings, a watch and a pendant she claims she “took inspiration from Chanel” to design. Chanel and Argos… yes, we never thought we’d be saying these two things in the same sentence, either!

Coleen talks about her love of clocks

Speaking of her ladies’ watch, Coleen explains: “I wear a watch every day and evening because you need to know the time, don’t you?” Simple logic perhaps, but nothing will ever convert us to the idea that Coleen Rooney belongs on Argos TV, which began airing in mid-June and is filmed in a studio in Kentish Town.

Coleen first signed a contract to make jewellery with Argos in 2008 and has since then been opening stores. She said: “I love working for Argos because lots of people can afford it. There’s one near my house and I live in the country. I can’t remember when I haven’t had an Argos catalogue in my house.”

We love Coleen’s style and think that even a blind man could see that Argos TV is the last place she belongs. Having the catalogue in your house is one thing, but when it comes to selling a jewellery range… stay away, Coleen!


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