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How to give up smoking by Colin Farrell

How to give up smoking by Colin Farrell

Kicking the cigs is very hard, we all know that. But what if Colin Farrell was on hand to help you out? Preferably topless. Maybe might make things a touch easier.

There was once a time Mr Farrell with a fag hanging out his mouth was a common sight. But not anymore as the actor has since managed to quit.

And now the fit actor is on hand to give you tips on the best way to stop the habit. Rather than mope around sticking Nicorette patches up your arms while feeling very snappy indeed, what you need to do is write a letter! Kind of like if you were breaking up with someone.

Colin told Shortlist magazine:

“I did it the Sunday before I turned 34. I spent the whole day with a packet of cigarettes.” They caught a movie, popped into Nandos… “I didn't really see anyone and with every cigarette I smoked, I smoked with as much awareness as I could. And then I wrote a little letter to tobacco.”

“… 'I remember the first time we met and all that we've been through together. That time you helped me through such-and-such a situation...' and yada-yadda.”

“It was very much the kind of letter you'd write to a person you were breaking up with.” Aha! We told you! “Because that's what it was - a break-up. It was the first time I'd ever broken up via letter, so it was strange.”

Well if it worked for Colin, maybe it’s worth a try? And it’s not just cigs that Colin has quit, he has also managed to become teetotal, giving up his beloved drink for good:

“If I did miss those days, the chances are I wouldn't have stuck with what I've been doing for the past six years and I wouldn't be having so much fun, creatively and personally.”

Plus, we're not going to lie, he does look in rather good shape from it all...


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