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Sad news: Lea Michele has split with her boyfriend Theo Stockman

Sad news: Lea Michele has split with her boyfriend Theo Stockman

Lea Michele – AKA Rachel from Glee – has officially split with boyfriend of two years Theo Stockman. Awww, poor Lea!

Don’t worry, though, Gleeks as Series 3 of the show will be on our screens very soon! So soon, in fact, that we’ve already got our pom-poms and Cheerios outfits at the ready! (No, really, we have!)

Cory Monteith, who plays Finn, has revealed that Series 3 of Glee will be much more like the first series. Series 2 had more of a focus on individual artists such as Britney Spears, but Series 3 is apparently “back to basics, it feels like it’s more about core characters rather than, like, a tribute episode.”

Either way, we're excited to join in with the singing and pretend we are part of a Glee club again! Director Ryan Murphy has revealed that there will be no guest stars in the first half of Series 3.

However, he has admitted that he's meeting with Anne Hathaway in the next few weeks after the One Day star expressed an interest in the show. Ryan says, "I would love to work with [Anne], and she supposedly has the whole thing mapped out. I'm curious as to what she wants to do. I love her. I think she's great."

We hope Anne Hathaway does get written in, she’d be fantastic! Any predictions on what other celebs we may see, heatworlders?


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