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OMG! Harry Styles has FOUR nipples!

OMG! Harry Styles has FOUR nipples!

OK, so Harry Styles is pretty much perfect, right? All agreed? Thought so. But aha! We have found a flaw! Observe:

Speaking to The Sun Harry revealed that he has two little previously unknown secrets…

"I've got four nipples! I think I must have been a twin, but then the other one went away and left its nipples behind."

Riiiight, we totally see where he is coming from… although two Harry Styles wouldn’t be such a bad thing… But four nipples? Really? Surely that is just greedy!

Nonetheless, he continued to say how he just adores getting his kit off and certainly is no wall flower when it comes to being in the buff. Even when he gets stripped accidentally by his own bandmates.

"Stripping off is very liberating. I feel so free. I think you could safely say I'm not shy,"

Well that’s just lovely Harry, and if you ever want to come round ours and feel all free then we won’t object.

One Direction back Janet Devlin

One Direction have revealed just who they are backing in this years’ X Factor: a certain Janet Devlin! The guys revealed to The Metro that Janet is by far their fave in this years competition:

After the guys shouted ‘Janet Devlin!’ Niall added 'I think Janet's voice is phenomenal!’.

We couldn’t agree more!


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