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Pauly D is launching his own tanning range!

Pauly D is launching his own tanning range!

In the very long line of celeb’s cashing in on their own fame (did we say that out loud?), we mean capitalizing on their success, no hold on, sharing their name with relevant brands because they want to give something back to their fans, that’s more like it. Starting again, in a long line of celebs…. Oh forget it.  It’s Pauly D. Yes, Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame has decided that the motto of “GTL” just isn’t working. IT ISN’T WORKING PEOPLE!

Despite the best efforts of the entire cast, Pauly clearly thinks that people are ignoring the message. We can clarify this; we’ve seen lots of pale legs walk past heat towers recently. To combat this and wage war on pasty parts, he’s bringing out his own tanning range.

Partnering with company Devoted Creations Ltd, he’s launching his collection of sunless tanners just in time for Winter – that boy’s got his head screwed on. Apparently the tan will be sold in “high end” salons the world over. Oh really? High end? Of course.

We want to say something witty about tanning and Jersey Shore and…we’ll just stick to hypothesizing about the name of the line. Here’s our first thoughts:

Pauly D: tan man
Suntan wham bam thankyou mam
Pauly D’s tan, it shore works!

Literally nothing rhymes with Pauly. We’ve given up. The Situation had better watch out, with his tanning salons opening later this year, we don’t want there to be, y’know, a situation. Snigger.


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