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Geroge Clooney talks about being nude with friends

Geroge Clooney talks about being nude with friends

You know it’s a good day when George Clooney is talking about getting naked. heat couldn’t quite contain our excitement when George Clooney announced his most bizarre confession yet.

The handsome actor revealed that skinny dipping is a tradition at his Italian mansion. George Clooney in the buff? Now there’s something we’d all like to see.

George says it is traditional

Speaking to Us Weekly, the Ides of March star said: "Skinny dipping is a tradition at my house! It's funny. Some people skinny dip, but I always go upstairs and put a suit on and then I jump in the lake."

We’ve never been this excited about a man in a wet t-shirt competition since Hugh Grant and Colin Firth had that fight in Bridget Jones Diary.

Celebrities go wild

The 50-year old star spoke out after his co-star Marisa Tomei blurted out on US TV show Conan that she got naked with Mr Clooney after a recent trip to his home in Lake Como. Well, who can blame her, the guy is hot!

The American beauty was with co-star Evan Rachel Wood when George dared them to beat Walter Conkrite’s (a guy who was the anchorman on CBS Evening News for 19 years apparently) record of jumping in the lake, suited and booted in his tux on the second night at the Lake Como Mansion.

It seems George wasn’t shy in asking his co-stars to get in the buff!

Maria told Conan’s host Conan O’Brien that skinny dipping was always on the cards for George. He said: "Are you guys going to jump in the lake on the first night? Are you gonna top Conkrite?'"

And she certainly topped the challenge alright! She lunged straight into the pool naked!

We bet famous ladies’ man, George was pleased about that.


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