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Hot Hollywood men talk EMOTIONS

It doesn’t happen often, ladies, so relish it while you can. Some of the world’s hottest men have spoken honestly about love and other mushy emotions. Beware: the following might just make you melt…

Gorgeous actor Jake Gyllenhaal told Cosmopolitan magazine that the thing he loved about being in love was naked-time. Yep, that’s right. We’re pretty sure we’d agree if we were heading for naked-time with Jake…

The actor, who has dated Taylor Swift, Reese Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst, said, “The wonderful part about falling love is the time spent naked...the times spent intimate like that.”

Be still our beating hearts.

Another Hollywood hotty spouting words of love is George Clooney; a man it would seem is almost impossible to tie down.  Only his late piggy managed to keep hold of him.

“We all like to believe in Cinderella - that she comes to the ball and their eyes meet and she’s perfect for him and he’s perfect for her. I don’t know that it necessarily works all the time, but it happened to my parents. My father was MC of the Miss Kentucky pageant and my mum was in it. He took her on a date and asked her to marry him immediately. They’re still together, so I know love at first sight can work.”

Aww! How cute is he! We love that he looks to his mom and pops for love-spiration.


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