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Oxford University welcomes Katie Price!

Oxford University welcomes Katie Price!

Today history was made when one of the world’s finest academic institutions welcomed one of the most astute intellectual minds of a generation. Yes, today Oxford University welcomed Katie Price.

Katie was in town not to promote a book for once, but to talk to the boffin students about important issues. However, things did not go as planned and Katie decided after eight minutes that she had had enough of the intellectual banter, despite being booked for an hour slot.

However, she did find time to chat up a 21 year old student. Yep, The Pricey who is recently single was heard chatting up a definitely-very-clever-considering-entry-requirements Classics student.

The cheeky chap asked Kate who was her best lover, to which she snapped back:

"It could be you" before adding "I'm a MILF, I'll eat you alive". Nice, bet they always chat like that at Oxford Debating Society. At least before dissecting and analysing the metaphors.

The former glamour model also shared her life philosophy with the students, saying: "There's no excuse for people to just get pregnant and stay at home.” Just in case any of them had had enough of lectures and were considering it.

A spokesperson for Oxford Union has already said Katie proved ‘very popular’ with students with whom she presumably had absolutely buckets in common with.



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