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Ryan Kwanten wears tight T-shirt. World drools...

Ryan Kwanten wears tight T-shirt. World drools...

If there’s one thing we love here at heatworld, it’s a photo of a nice sexy man in a tight T-shirt. Thank God, then, for True Blood hottie Ryan Kwanten being signed up as the new face of clothing brand Mambo. While we actually prefer Ryan sans all his togs, this picture does at least give us an opportunity to have a nice Sunday-afternoon ogle and subsequent drool.

Ryan, who is an Aussie and lifelong surfing fan (hence the hot bod), says he’s been wearing Mambo stuff since his childhood, so it makes sense for him to represent the brand. But where are the photos of him actually in the surf, eh? That’s what we want to know!

The former Home And Away (he was Vinnie) and current True Blood (he’s the naughty and often-naked Jason Stackhouse) star is currently working on comedy Not Suitable For Children, about a guy who finds out he has testicular cancer and only has two weeks to get a lady pregnant. Talking about the role to Men’s Health recently, the actor revealed, “My character is a free-spirited rogue who holds crazy parties every Saturday night. At one party we see my character enjoying himself with a young lady. She discovers a lump - and it turns out he has testicular cancer. It explores the male biological clock, and how we too have a clock that's ticking. We want kids, too, as much as our bravado and our ego won't allow us to admit it.”

Would it be wrong to add here that we’d totally be up for having Ryan’s babies? Probably, but we’ve totally done it anyway. Doesn’t it make you smile to know that Ryan is single and out there and up for making babies? Now all we need to do is work out how to sneak on to that True Blood set…

For more info on Ryan’s new venture with Mambo and to see more nice piccies, just click here.


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