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The Big Question: Is Gavin Henson really anyone’s dream man?

The Big Question: Is Gavin Henson really anyone’s dream man?

As The Bachelor reaches its finale, Rachel Eling asks why any girl would want to win its prize – Gavin Henson – anyway?

So, Gavin Henson is the most eligible bachelor in Britain, is he? Really? Really? We get that Prince Harry may have turned down the chance to star in Channel 5’s The Bachelor, but COME ON! They went for Henson? The man has all the charisma of a pork chop.

If we were going to write a shopping list for our ideal date, it would go something like this: looks, charm, money, GSOH, own teeth. At best, Gavin scores two out of five.

To be fair to him, even Gavin is clearly not convinced this is the ideal way to find romance. Despite his best efforts to look keen, he actually fell asleep on the picnic date with Layla. Now, she may not be the world’s greatest conversationalist, but you wouldn’t catch George Clooney napping among the mini pork pies.  And even when Gavin <is> awake, he looks dead behind the eyes, clearly wishing himself into a tanning booth far, far away.
Call us old-fashioned, but this is not the way Carrie met Big, Romeo met

Juliet, Mr Punch met Judy. And hooking up with a metrosexual with the complexion of a Halloween pumpkin is not what little girls’ dreams are made of.

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