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Amber Heard does not want to be known as sexy

Amber Heard does not want to be known as sexy

Amber Heard is undoubtedly one of the sexiest women on the bigscreen, however, she has revealed that being known as beautiful or sexy can be limiting for an actress – something that she does not want to see happen.
Speaking to, she said, "If you're seen as beautiful or sexy then your only options in terms of character descriptions are beautiful, sexy, cute... that's it! And that affords you a certain amount of opportunity, but that opportunity ultimately leads to a spark, never a flame.
"The other category, there's so much more to do. You can be seen as witty, intelligent, independent... We might take you seriously as a politician, as a writer, as whatever. You can be all these things, but you can not be beautiful or sexy. If we see you as sexy you are out of that category. I very much want to be in the latter category where we I feel there is opportunity for a flame, a real fire."
Amber revealed that she admires the work of Charlize Theron and Halle Berry, who have both managed to mix the categories successfully, she said, "Both of them had to abandon the characteristics in category one in order to be appreciated for the character actresses that they are and have always been.
"I think that's a perfect example of the frustrating reality that I work in. They both had to take all sex appeal away of their characters in order to be respected and seen in a serious light. That's frustrating, it's really frustrating.
"I kinda feel like, you know, although I would love the opportunity to gain some weight, part of me is frustrated that I would have to do that in order to be taken seriously. Why can't I just be taken seriously?"
Hmmm… well you can call us sexy any day and we won’t mind in the slightest!


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