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Girls Aloud reunion: Cheryl Cole vs Nadine Coyle

Girls Aloud reunion: Cheryl Cole vs Nadine Coyle

We’re all looking forward to the rumoured Girls Aloud reunion next year, but before we start saving our pennies to buy tickets to their shows it looks that the feud between Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle could threaten the entire comeback.

Cheryl vs Nadine

There’s a serious rift developing between Chez and Nadine, with a source exclusively telling heat,

“They are two very different people who were forced upon each other in the band. Cheryl has always hated the fact that Nadine has a better voice than her and is always given lead vocals but the sad truth is that clearly the better voice doesn’t matter as Cheryl’s had a string of solo hits and Nadine’s solo career has fallen flat on its face. Nadine is shocked at how well Cheryl has done given her ‘lack of talent’. She and Cheryl have never been friends.”

In it for the money

heat’s source also reports that Nadine is only considering the reunion because she knows it will be bring in the cash, while Cheryl is going it out of loyalty to the rest of the girls,
“For Nadine this is about the money and not about doing it for the girls,” says our source. “She will make a fortune from this reunion tour and she knows it.” Continues the source, “Kimberley has been the most desperate to do it and Cheryl would never let her down. Cheryl is loyal to a fault and recognises this is a way for the others to make some serious money.”

Read the rest of our report on the Girls Aloud reunion – including why Cheryl thinks Girls Aloud to reform as a foursome – only in this week’s heat.


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