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Liam Gallagher: 'Celebs who tweet should be lined up and shot'

Liam Gallagher: 'Celebs who tweet should be lined up and shot'

The tirade just won’t seem to end. When tempestuous brothers Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher aren’t berating each other, it seems they can’t help but take a stab at offending pretty much every other celebrity in show business.

Step forward, slightly scarier brother Liam. Liam has never been known for mincing his words, and his target this time round isn’t just one celeb, but rather the collective celebrities of social networking site Twitter. Liam thinks that people who tweet just to update the public with day to day info or private matters should be shot, charming. The singer says,

"I hate f**king tweeting, it's for d**ks. I only do it when something needs to be cleared up. I hate it. It's rubbish... About all that, though, talking about your lunch, it's like, come on... people need to be lined up and f**king shot, man, people who do that. It's like, close the door behind 'em, mate. Who gives a f**k, man?"

The Oasis frontman does have a Twitter account, but claims that he only uses the site when “something needs to be cleared up”. In other words, he’s not interested in telling us he popped down the petrol station for a Diet Coke, shame.

He sure does have a way with words. What do you think Heatworld Citizens, do you follow celebs on Twitter? Or do you think it’s all a load of old tripe?


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