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Olly Murs on his skinny jeans and trouser bulge

Olly Murs on his skinny jeans and trouser bulge

Olly Murs is becoming just as famous for his skinny jeans and, er, eye-catching bulge as he is for his pop career. heat decided it was time to get to the bottom of the Xtra Factor presenters love of tight trousers, and asked him the questions we’ve all wanted to ask – is his packet really as big as it seems?

“I genuinely just like wearing skinny jeans,” Olly tells heat. “I hate baggy jeans, I hate straight-leg jeans. Whenever I put them on, it just looks weird. I’ve tried it – trust me. I wear skinny jeans and people want to look at my…”
“The reason why everyone’s seen my bulge is because I’ve got big thighs. Because my thighs are like this, my bits can’t go like that [demonstrates a “downward” motion], so my bits go forward. So it makes me look like I’ve got a massive penis. Which I haven’t, basically.”

Well, we’re glad we’ve got that all cleared up. Small jeans + big thighs = a large-looking “area”.

Just good friends

Olly also addressed the rumours that he’s dating his Xtra Factor co-presenter Caroline Flack. He cheekily admitted to fancying her, but insisted they are just friends,

"Caroline’s a very attractive woman. If I said I didn’t [fancy her], all the guys would be thinking, “What’s wrong with you?” But there’s a difference between fancying someone and going out with someone. We have a great friendship. We’re both flirtatious characters, so I think that it would’ve always been like that”

Read the full heat interview with Olly Murs only in this week’s heaton sale now!


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