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WTF? Alan Sugar reckons he was behind Frankie Cocozza axe?!

WTF? Alan Sugar reckons he was behind Frankie Cocozza axe?!

We have heard some weird claims in our time but this really has to one of the strangest. Lord Alan Sugar, yes as in The Apprentice, has come out and said how he reckons it could be his influence that pushed X Factor producers to give Frankie Cocozza the axe earlier on today.

Writing on Twitter, Lord Sugar said:

"Frankie and ITV: If they want rid of someone, trust me you are toast. I would like to think they took notice of my rant on Sunday.”

On Sunday, Sugs wrote how phone voting was getting unfair after boy band The Risk lost out on their place in the competition.

He also wrote how he thinks ITV were just waiting for a convenient reason to get rid of Mr Cocozza after he was continuously saved by the public vote:

"ITV must have looked for any excuse to boot Frankie out of X Factor. It was making a farce of prime time TV. I did say Sunday ITV must act."

He later joked saying how the main reason Frankie has got the boot has nothing to do with alleged naughty salt: rather quite simply, he can’t sing!

"Frankie on X Factor apparently broke 'The golden rule' - he couldn't sing!" he tweeted.

What do you think? Have ITV been taking tips of Alan Sugar’s twitter feed?

However, we just love this news because it’s further proof what a great leveller the X Factor is:  literally everyone watches it: even Lords!


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