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Daniel Radcliffe's face will appear on toilet roll. Oh

Daniel Radcliffe's face will appear on toilet roll. Oh

Somewhere in the world there is a slightly miffed Daniel Radcliffe waking up this morning. Why? Because he’s just found his Harry Potter-esq face is to be plastered over a new brand of toilet roll, following a decision by Potter marketing bosses to allow the new wizarding paper to be printed for Asian markets.

Dan laughed, "I have heard my face is on toilet paper, which is really not pleasant. But I haven't seen it and I don't know if that is much of a compliment. The guys from American Pie had their faces on condoms.  I know you can get Barack Obama condoms, although they haven't done that for us yet. I don't think it would be appropriate."

Er, yeah Dan Rad your face on condoms would be appropriate so let’s hope these marketing know-alls just stick to the botty-wipes eh?

But if any of you Harry Potter fans do want to bag yourself a roll of the coveted magic paper, you’re going to have to take a trip to places like Thailand and Vietnam in the New Year to see if you can find some, because you won’t be catching anything of the sort over here.

Dan commented, "I have nothing to do with the merchandising and marketing of the films. Any actor is involved in their performance but not that side of things. It is something you become a little blasé about to a degree because it was a job but I pinch myself and think that I have an amazing job.”

And he has done an amazing job  so if it means we get to see more Hazza P plastered over loo roll on our travels, then so be it.


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