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Exclusive: Jordan and Peter Andre are not getting back together

Exclusive: Jordan and Peter Andre are not getting back together

Relations between Jordan and Peter Andre have improved dramatically, but could this lead on to something more? It’s unlikely.

Contrary to the story in today's Sun, heat can reveal that while Jordan and Peter have been talking properly for the first time in ages, on Peter’s side it is all for the kids.

A source revealed to heatworld, “Pete would never consider taking Kate back, but he has always only wanted what’s best for the kids and he has always wanted an amicable relationship.”

Jordan still hopes that things could work out between them, she said in heat a few weeks ago, “Our marriage was all about the cameras and the deals and the jazz hands.  It would have lasted for years if we were given time to put the cameras down and actually enjoy being married.”

Jordan’s friends also think she have more than just the children on her mind. Michelle Heaton spoke to heat about the relationship and said, “I just think it’s so amazing that Peter and Katie are so nice about each other now. It was such a special romance.”

“I’m not saying they’re getting back together, but what they had was so special and Pete being in the jungle is just reminding them of it – it’s bringing all the memories back. I know Katie really well, so I’m not ruling anything out.”


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