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Oh look, it's McFly naked!

Oh look, it's McFly naked!

Ladies and gentleman – here comes the picture we have all been waiting for! It’s Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Danny Jones from McFly, naked (again)! You might remember, these three boys making us a certain promise on Saturday night – saying if bandmate Harry Judd won Strictly Come Dancing, they’d take off all their clothes for our viewing pleasure. And he did. And they did. Yay!

Obviously, as you can see Harry didn’t decide to get involved at the last minute. In fact, he’s been busy mingling all night at a surprise birthday party which his lovely girlfriend Izzy Johnston threw especially for him. But of course the other three McFly boys, true to their word, used the opportunity of being in the same place wisely – and got their keks off for this special picture. Which makes us (and you) very happy.

Now we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t ask a few questions. Like why Danny has the smallest cushion covering his bits? Do they always leave their socks on? And does Dougie have the largest cover-up object (in the shape of a framed disc) for a reason? We’d also like to point out that these boys are as fit as (duh, you can see that for yourselves). And by the way, looking at those tones torsos is really making us feel all warm inside so we're going to have to take a break in a minute (we're obviously just doing this for you lot, ahem).

So now we just need Tom to do Celebrity Big Brother in January and then we can get Harry naked – and thus we’ll have the complete set of McFly goodness.

But in the meantime, we’ll stop blabbering on about it and let you marvel at the picture in all it’s glory. Here are McFly naked – please bookmark this page and look at it every day. We promise your days will be brighter. Oh… and Merry Christmas - don't say we didn't get you anything!


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