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Celebrity Big Brother returns!

Celebrity Big Brother returns!

It seems like only a few months ago since Celebrity Big Brother was on our screens (probably because it was), but… Oh. My. God. Talk about a re-entrance (ooh-er). This might just be the best bunch of housemates we’ve EVER seen.


Being first into the house is always a bit scary, like being the first one at a party… except with strangers… and it’s on national TV. Natalie Cassidy did a brilliant job though and we loved her a bit for taking her shoes off straight away rather than posing for the camera. Then it all went a bit donwn-hill thanks to evil Big Brother and its first-in-the-house curse.


Poor old Nat was presented with an ear-piece by BB so that he could give her secret tasks as the housemates came in. She could of course have turned it down and lose everyone their suitcases, which we bet would have gone down a TREAT. Ahem. So she was set free back into the house, ready to act like that weirdo on the bus everyone tries to avoid, while carrying out Big Brother's orders.


We were feeling terribly guilty (well, a tiny bit) about her awful (but entertaining) ordeal, until she started her first task. Seeing her excitedly say to the brooding, Quentin-Tarantino-acting, Michael Madsen, “I loved you in Free Willy!” and “Free Willy, give me a high five!” while he rolled his eyes, may just have been the best part of the two hour launch.


Frankie Cocozza enters the house!


It’s been rumoured for weeks and now we know – naughty X Factor reject Frankie is a housemate. And breathe. We thought he’d be in hot woman heaven with the amount of sexy ladies in there, but wee Frankie just seemed a bit scared. Bless! We’re sure he’ll soon settle in though. Yeah… settle in to the girls’ beds *snigger*


What we want to know though, is whether you think Frankie can change the public’s opinion and even win the show? Who will have the best luck with the ladies - Frankie or Kirk Norcross? What do you think of the selection of housemates? Who is your fave and who is your early guess at a winner? Let us know below…


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