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Channing Tatum leaves wife 'toilet seat notes'

Channing Tatum leaves wife 'toilet seat notes'

Everyone can recount their honeymood period with a partner. It's all, flowers, sharing hilairious private jokes and counting the kisses in texts to determine whether or not it's 'tru luv' . Well, when you've been with the old ball and chain for a fair few years it's imperative that you keep the magic alive, and who better to offer us tips than the actor who makes our knees turn to jelly, Channing Tatum. Although this isn't really fair, as alongside him any other man looks like some kind of snorlax.

Channing has been married to wife Jenna Dewan for three years and is officially off the market, booo (Sorry Jenna). Yet even though the actor is comfortable in his relationship, he isn't against showing his romantic side every now and again, writing little love notes in an attempt to woo his woman. The lucky, lucky thing. Channing reveals,

"I see caring for somebody as a creative outlet. I like drawing little faces and writing little stories and hiding them in places...I'm a practical joker. My favorite one is putting one under the toilet seat. She always wakes up before I do, so I enjoy the surprise of 'Haha! I got you!'"

You might not be with us on the whole 'notes under the toilet-seat' thing being adorable, but when all your other half leaves for you under the toilet seat is pee, believe us, toilet notes are  considered the epitomy of romance.

Channing is starring in new movie The Vow alongside the very talented Rachel McAdams. We can't help but feel a little envious of Rachel, as she already got to star next to the equally handsome Ryan Gosling in hit chick-flick The Notebook. We're starting to think we're in the wrong profession.


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