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Daniel Radcliffe: “I’ve turned into a secret American”

Daniel Radcliffe: “I’ve turned into a secret American”

What’s this? One of Britain’s biggest young stars admitting he’s gone all Americanised on us! Whatever next.

Daniel Radcliffe has confessed that he’s developed a love of American football, and that he’s secretly morphing into an American! Shocking stuff, we know.

“I’ve really got into it [American football] and I promise you, it’s a fantastic sport. I was so snobby about it for years but once I understood it, it’s great. I’ve been staying up late watching it over here. I’ve turned into a secret American, it’s very disappointing.”

The Harry Potter actor has also talked about playing the sport, but realises his size could be an issue, “Look at the size of me, I’m sure everyone wants me in their side.”

See, Dan? You’re not entirely American just yet, there’s some good old British sarcasm in you still.

"I work everyday"

As well as revealing his love of American football, Dan-Rad has recently admitted that he doesn’t work for the money, it’s because he wouldn’t know what else to do,

“I don't particularly like taking breaks. I've never taken a break. I've worked since I was 10 pretty much every day. Somebody said to me the other day - which I find is a ridiculous question - they asked about the money and the wealth thing and said, ‘Why are you still working?’ I was like, ‘I don't know how to do anything else.’”

Perhaps you could set up your own football squad?


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