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Madonna’s Graham Norton interview - we were there!

Madonna’s Graham Norton interview - we were there!

We’ve just dashed back in to heat Towers after spending the afternoon in the presence of a God (at least she is according to W.E. actor James D’Arcy – hilarious anecdote, we’ll tell you about it later*). Yes, we were lucky enough to watch Graham Norton interview Madonna. *Squuuuuuueeeeeeeeal*

We’re not sure who was more excited about Graham’s chat with Madge - the chat show host himself, us, or the audience. Some of who had been waiting outside the studio since 5.30am to make sure they got their seat.

As Madonna finally arrived on-set and the chat with Graham began, Madonna (who’s hair/makeup/everything looked flawless – well, all except for the terrible Chanel fingerless gloves. SO ‘80s Madonna) looked a little unsettled, she even nervously fiddled with her sky-high Louboutins before relaxing into the interview.

Graham didn’t give the pop super star an entirely easy ride (mind you, Madge wasn’t easy on Graham either), once he got all the required chat about the film out the way, he covered everything from Lady Gaga to Lourdes stealing her clothes, and the prospect of marrying again (she’s not opposed to walking down the aisle for a third time), to naming pets after famous people, her new album and pesky “fans” stealing her music.

An outsider

Madge revealed to Graham that she first became interested in Wallace Simpson (who’s romance with King Edward VIII forms part of the plot of new flick W.E.) when she first moved to England and felt like, “a foreigner, outsider, idiot” and decided to learn more about the history of her new home. She also admitted to behaving “like a stalker” by sitting in front of the building Wallace once lived in – which just happens to be around the corner from Madge’s own London pad. Madge even gave away her own address - but sorry, we're not going to repeat it.

Lady Gaga

Graham carefully broached the subject of Lady Gaga, and while the Queen of Pop seemed a little reluctant to chat about her young pretender, she did say that she IS a fan.

“I first saw her in New York about three years go, I was very impressed,” admitted Madge. “She reminded me of me back in the day. I like her, she’s very talented.”

And just when we thought Madge might show her feisty edge and get her claws out. Dang.

Paying the rent

Perhaps the most exciting news for fans is that Madonna is going on tour this year, as well as releasing a new album (tentatively called M.D.N.A).

“I’ve just spent three years making a movie. Now I have to pay the rent, a girl has to make a living,” she joked. “I enjoy putting a tour together,” said the pop icon, “it’s hard work, but it’s the most rewarding of all my jobs.”

Madonna also revealed her fury as so-called fans who hack into her computer and steal her music to share online,

“What’s wrong with waiting until I’m ready to release it,” she complained. Which is a good point.

Down with the kids

While it’s never polite to bring up a lady’s age, Graham did quiz Madonna on her ability to stay in touch with what’s cool and edgy now that she's a mum of f our, “I go out, I have friends in low places,” teased the super star.

Madge also admitted that her 15-year-old daughter Lourdes will always say what she thinks about her mum’s creative output/clothes/everything, “My kids don’t give an ‘eff who I am!”

The same certainly couldn’t be said for the audience, who we’re hanging off every single syllable.

The Graham Norton Show is Friday on BBC1 at 10.35pm

(* James accidentally called Madonna God in an email and the nick name stuck. Hmmm, maybe you had to be there...)


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