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Scarlett Johansson’s secret boyfriend!

Scarlett Johansson’s secret boyfriend!

Yay! Some good news in the world of Hollywood romance! There might be celebs splitting up left right and centre, but Scarlett Johansson has managed to bag herself a new man. Shocking really, when she looks so hideous… ahem. Not only has she found a new boyfriend though, she’s kept him secret for months!

Her new fella’s name is Nate Naylor and he's an advertising executive in New York. The pair were spotted together recently in the Big Apple holding hands and everything. Bless. According to an insider, "They're keeping it very, very low key. He's not one for the limelight and fame and she likes that about him." Ahh.

"They have a real connection," the source tells Apparently, Scarlett and Nate have been hanging out in all the cool restaurants and bars (obvs) but most of the time he takes her to exclusive dinner parties. This scares us, mainly because if dinner parties become the new celeb trend we are in trouble. Unless beans and toast also becomes the new celeb trend. *crosses fingers*

So what’s this new guy like? “Nate is an avid art collector and has a lot of famous friends in the New York art world. He and Scarlett have had dinner with the fashion photographer Terry Richardson a few times.” This is about the time we say “Oooh” in an unusually high-pitched voice.

Scarlett, who was married to Ryan Reynolds, seems to have gone for a lower-profile relationship this time around. “Nate’s not impressed by Scarlett’s celebrity at all, and she loves that. It’s just about two people who like each other. They wanted to take things slow, but now they see each other four or five times a week!” And all while Scarlett and Ryan’s old love pad gets put on the market. It’s on sale for $3.6 million though, so a tad out of our price range…


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