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heatworld talks to Gemma Collins from The Only Way Is Essex

heatworld talks to Gemma Collins from The Only Way Is Essex

We were overjoyed when we heard that Gemma Collins was returning to The Only Way Is Essex for it’s fourth series that begins at the end of this month, so naturally we jumped at the chance to have a quick chat with her at the launch of Harry Derbidge’s new jewellery line. Looks like she’s very happy that a certain other Essex bird will not be making a return to the show… yikes!

Hi Gemma, first thing’s first, are you definitely returning to the show?

I’m 100% returning, yes.

We noticed that you were added to the opening titles on The Only Way Is Essexmas Christmas special.

Yeah I was so excited about that, that made my Christmas, I was so happy because I didn’t know and they surprised me with it. And yeah, I was so flattered to be in the titles, definitely!

Are you really excited to begin filming again next week?

Amazingly excited. You know, I’ve done the show a couple of times now, I know sort of how it goes so this’ll be the next show, and we’ll all feel more comfortable. We’ll all feel more relaxed, we’ll say what we want to say, no one will hold back - we’re just going to give it.

ne of our favourite scenes with you and Harry was when you were talking about his boyfriend’s dirty dancing!

I’ve got to say, Harry for me, I’ve always looked out for him because, Harry and Amy, they’re young and innocent, there’s a lot of people out there that get green eyed with them. So I’m like the big, bad sister. If you upset them, you upset me. And if Harry meets a new boyfriend, because I’ve known them since they were kids anyway, so I’m used to them, they’ve always been the same, they’ll never be any different.

They’ve got hearts of gold and they’re lovely people, so naturally if they meet someone, I’m like “who is this person?” And when I did see the boyfriend bumping and grinding, I thought he was giving it out to people when really his focus should have been on Harry and I didn’t like it. And because I’m in my thirties, I think I’m a bit older and wiser, I see it. So I always mark their card and say, “be careful, watch this one, watch that one”, because I’ve lived and I’ve got the experience you know. If my boyfriend was out there, when I get one, bumping and grinding like this [Gemma shows heat how to grind], shouting out to other girls, he’s getting a slap. I’m not having it.

It sounds like they’re lucky to have you to look out for them?

Yeah I love them to bits, and it’s so hard because they’ve done so well, there are so many jealous people out there. And apparently Maria Fowler has said that Amy is “black behind the eyes”, well that’s just not true, that just shows how jealous people are. They’re kids at the end of the day, they’re innocent and all their dreams have come true and I don’t like it if anyone says anything bad about them, it gets my back up. Drives me mad.

So you’re not sad to see Maria leave the show?

[Pauses] …No. She started on me and Harry once.

Did she? Why?

Oh, all over the Mick thing and, you know – she had a boyfriend all the time. She started on Harry and I didn’t like it, but again, I will never cause a scene. I’ve experienced life and I just held back and Harry was very upset because she publicly slated him on Twitter. That’s not on. When Harry said “She’s ugly” or whatever, he don’t mean it in his heart, you just sort of say things when you’re young, he doesn’t mean it, she’s not ugly. And the thing is, I will say, I think that Maria Fowler is a very attractive girl, but there’s a side to Maria that isn’t and it’s such a shame and when she starts digging at Amy, it gets my back up, don’t do it. Do not do it, because Amy’s done nothing to you Maria, leave her alone. She’s young, do you know what I mean?

Who else in the cast are you closest with?

I’m really good friends with the twins in the show…

Are they still in the show?

100% they’re in the show, the only people who are not in the show are obviously Harry and Maria. Harry’s going to go on to do fantastic things at the end of the day, apparently Maria’s planning to have a baby up in Scotland with a footballer… Scotland we wish you well with Maria Fowler. I hope the loch ness monster is ready for her! [At this point heat notices Gemma’s manager looking a little bit stressed]. But basically we wish her well, just go - leave Essex, leave us all alone because none of us are horrible to each other that’s the thing, we all support each other. We all want to see each other do well, we laugh, we cry, we have a bitch at each other but at the end of the day we’re all there for each other and when you’ve got a dark force around you, you just don’t need it.

Did you find that Maria was the only cast member like that?

100%. Everyone on the show is lovely, I’m not saying everyone gets on all the time, if we’re around each other a lot, we’re like brothers and sisters and we bicker.

What do you think of Mark Wright’s recent success?

Fantastic, I love Mark Wright. Again he’s a down to earth family boy, he’s like us, me Amy and Harry, we’re down to earth and come from lovely families. We are all behind Mark 1000%. I reckon Mark could be the next James Bond and I would love to see that happen for him. I don’t actually fancy Mark Wright though, I look at him and think he’s good looking but all that pressure of having to look good for him 24/7, I couldn’t handle it. So I’m going to pass on Mark Wright!

What do you think of Amy’s new show?

I love Amy’s new show! It has me in hysterics all the time and it’s so lovely because, obviously on TOWIE you saw one side to Amy, you know, you’re meeting Amy’s family – she’s just such a normal everyday girl. She’s so hilarious, and Amy’s just going to do so well and it’s fantastic to see. I always used to say to Amy’s mum, “She will be famous one day… that girl is going to be famous” and it came true.

On the show, how real were your scenes last year?

100% real, at the end of the day I don’t hold back, I’m going to tell it like it is, that’s part of who Gemma Collins is, and I’ll never tone anything down for anybody, if I think it I’m going to say it.

Have you been watching Celebrity Big Brother? And what do you think?

Little bits and pieces, I was glued to it when Amy was in it because she’s so funny. Kirk’s in it, you know we’re all supporting him, Kirk’s a lovely bloke and we want to see him do well. I think he needs to stop perving over the women, it’s a bit much! But basically we’re all behind him 100%.

Do you think he could win the show?

Why not? At the end of the day everyone’s in it to win it so it’d be lovely… I’ve got to say my favourite has to be Natalie Cassidy, I think she gets a really hard time of it, and why? Do you know what I mean? People say she’s ugly, I don’t think she’s ugly, I think her personality is really pretty. She’s alright, leave her alone. And you know what it is with people, as you get to know them more, people become more attractive, and she’s always got grilled. And there was that thing where that girl looked like her and spent thousands on surgery… I mean that’s a bit out of order, she ain’t bad at all. But yeah, it’s lovely to see her doing really well, definitely.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to watch the new series of The Only Way is Essex on ITV2 at the end of the month. And we definitely can’t wait to hear what Gemma has to say next…!


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