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Celebrity love: Harry Styles, Caroline Flack and Alexa Chung!

Celebrity love: Harry Styles, Caroline Flack and Alexa Chung!

He’s one of the most lusted-after boys in pop, so it’s not surprising that Harry Styles’ love life is starting to look very complicated indeed.

In public Harry’s relationship with Caroline Flack is off, but in private it’s a different matter. The age-gap couple are in fact in frequent contact, and even spent their time at a BRITs after party in game of cat and mouse as they figured out how to spend time together without drawing too much attention to themselves.

“It’s been really hard for them to try to conduct a relationship and near impossible to try to keep things normal, which has meant that things have been increasingly difficult. There’s still loads of love between them – it’s just everyone’s opinions that keep them apart,” a source close to Harry tells heat (on sale now)

Fun with Alexa Chung

While Harry and Caroline are far from over, Harry has been spending time with another older woman, 28 year old Alexa Chung. After some flirty banter via the airwaves of Radio 1, the pair have been spotted hanging out with  with mutual pal Nick Grimshaw (who is also close to Caroline).

“Nothing happened, but since they hit it off so well, Harry asked for Alexa’s number and she gave it to him,” says another member of the social group Harry is now becoming a part of.

“Harry is off to America with One Direction and has mentioned to Alexa that they should stay in touch on Skype and by text. They’ve had such great times recently that they hope to catch up across the pond at some point.”

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