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heat at the Brits: Coldplay to open a theme park?

heat at the Brits: Coldplay to open a theme park?

Coldplay were in high spirits after they accepted the Brit award for Best British Band.

Chris Martin joked that their actual acceptance speech wasn’t very funny: “We weren’t very good at accepting it then. Our acceptance speeches have not got better.”

But at the backstage press conference, the guys were funnier than we ever imagined they could be, and joked that they're going to open a theme park! When asked if they feel like they’ve won enough good enough to go around laughing at other bands, Chris said: “Well, most of them have split up, they keep on taking themselves out of the game. So we’re still the only players on the pitch”

One of the other ones – no, of course we don’t know his name, do you? – said: “We’re only winning it because we’re still together.”

Chris added: “Blur have gone, Pulp have gone, Oasis have gone. Radiohead aren’t interested. They would win it every year if they wanted to. Take That are on holiday. So we’ll take it if they’re not around.”

When asked what they’ve got planned for the future – especially now that they’re so big - Chris joked: “We’d like to land a big modelling campaign. As a group, we’d like to do our own perfume.”

“We’ve got a few restaurant ideas, and we’re thinking of opening a theme park. A JLS theme park. We’re thinking of doing that in 2016, so you heard it here first.”

HA! Well done, guys. Well deserved.


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