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Ding ding! It's Kelly Osbourne vs. Lady Gaga fans...

Ding ding! It's Kelly Osbourne vs. Lady Gaga fans...

Goodness! That feud between Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga’s fans has gone a bit over the top. Poor Kel’ has revealed that she’s been getting actual death threats from the Little Monsters, who believe they are standing up for their Queen (Lady G) by being so mean.

It all started last Sunday, thanks to a comment that Kelly made while presenting E!’s Grammy Fashion Police at the awards. Referring to the fact Lady Gaga refused to walk down the red carpet to enter the event, Ms O said she found the star “disrespectful” because of these actions.

Of course this created a big hoo-ha and it didn’t take Gaga fans long to get on their iPhones and log onto Twitter – and soon Kelly was getting threats and abuse aplenty.



But obviously this is Kelly Osbourne we’re talking about and this girl wasn’t going to take things lying down (which we fully respect her for). So Kel’ tweeted in response, “Being told to kill myself, having ppl hoping i get raped being called fat/ugly, & being sent death threats IS A BIG DEAL! @ladygaga really has created monsters. w/ every nasty unjustified tweet u send me u shame your queen. hate it not what @ladygaga is about!"

It’s true, we doubt Lady G would be very happy to see all the nastiness that has been going on over the social networking site. After all, she’s all about the peace and love.

But a week on, it seems the Little Monsters are not giving up and Kel’ is not giving in. Oh Twitter, you have a lot to answer for!


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