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Emma Watson gushes about being a student

Emma Watson gushes about being a student

Harry Potter actress Emma Watson is finding herself at university. The pixie-haired star, who is worth £43 million, said that studying at Oxford University (she’s doing a year out from American university Brown) has helped her discover what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

She said: “It’d just given me time, really. People use their time at university and at school, which I didn’t have, to really think about and figure out what they want to do, and who they want to be.”

“And it’s been so nice not to be pushed around or pushed into doing things.”

She told The Independent that it feels nice to be out in the big wide world after spending her childhood chasing Voldemort on the Harry Potter set: “Doing the Potters was such a bubble, and then having to figure out how to function in the real world has been a challenge."

She also thanked her washing machine for keeping her grounded: "But it’s been the small successes for me: I know how to use a washing machine, I can cook. It’s worth it to me not to feel disconnected from everything, feeling like I’m in touch with people who do other things than acting or being in the entertainment industry.”

Watch your language, Emma!

In the interview, she spoke about how she was upset when people thought that her decision to get an elfin haircut meant that she was keen for some girl-on-girl accent: “I had journalists asking me if this meant I was coming out, if I was a lesbian now.”

“That haircut did make me realize how subjective everyone’s opinion is. Some people were crazy for it and some people just thought I’d lost my s***. All I can do is follow my instincts, because I’ll never please everyone.”

Oh Emma – we love your haircut – apart from dropping the s-bomb during an interview, what better way to tell everyone you’ve grown up since the days of Hermione!?


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