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Gaz from Geordie Shore flashes us his “parsnip”!

Gaz from Geordie Shore flashes us his “parsnip”!

If you’re a fan of MTV’s hit Reality TV show Geordie Shore you’ll know all about Gary Beadle’s “parsnip”.

It is of course Gaz’s on/off love interest Charlotte’s pet name for his man bits. She’s unable to resist it, and so it would seem are the users of Twitter. The Geordie lad promised that he’d tweet a shot of the parsnip if he reached 300,000 fans on the micro-blogging site – fans rushed to boost his follower numbers and Gaz duly posted this picture on his page.

We can’t help but feel that some of his followers may feel a little bit cheated…. That’s an ACTUAL parsnip, not THE Parsnip! Still, Gaz is basically naked apart from a root vegetable, so we can’t be too hard on him. Good banter, Gaz.

Gaz vs The Situation

Gaz has been a busy boy on Twitter this week. He started some banter with Jersey Shore star The Situation and even got #situationhasnogame trending worldwide after cheekily suggesting that The Situation was too scared to tweet him back and asking for an invire to his 40th(!) birthday.

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