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Matt Lucas vows to leave Twitter after suicide jokes

Matt Lucas vows to leave Twitter after suicide jokes

Matt Lucas must be the butt of a few jokes, especially when he’s mates with cheeky David Walliams. But this time it’s gone too far.

The comedian has vowed to leave Twitter after bearing the brunt of a teenager’s failed attempts at humour. The Twitter user, who went by the name @oOfuscoOo before deleting his account, made jokes about the suicide of Matt’s ex-civil partner, Kevin McGee.

When Matt saw the post, he responded: “Shame on you” and added: “I’m not joking. I think you should delete that tweet. It really upset me.”

He thanked his followers – more than half a million of them – and then told them that he will no longer be using the social networking site. “I’m disappointed that @oOfuscoOo thinks jokes about the suicide of my former partner are funny."

"I appreciate all of the support on here over the past couple of years but it’s time to shut down my Twitter account. Xx”

The Little Britain star's Twitter page still exists, so he can’t have deleted it, but he hasn’t tweeted since Saturday. Let’s hope one silly little boy tweeting mean things won’t stop Matt from enjoying the site.

Kevin and Matt were together for four years before getting a civil partnership in 2006. According to the BBC, they were together for two years, splitting on the grounds of Kevin’s “unreasonable behaviour”. In 2009, Kevin was found hanged after leaving a suicide note on his Facebook page saying “death is much better than life”.

Matt - don’t let nasty people bring you down.


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