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TOWIE: Lauren Goodger and Jessica Wright’s big confrontation!

TOWIE: Lauren Goodger and Jessica Wright’s big confrontation!

Ding, ding! Round four!

The feud between The Only Way Is Essex stars Lauren Goodger and Jessica Wright is stepping up level. In fact it looks like their friendship is OVER!

After falling out during a row at an Essex nightclub, both girls blamed the other for the bust-up during a segment in Sunday night’s TOWIE. Then they took to Twitter, further fuelling their feud. Now, it’s about to get personal again as Jess and Lauren come face to face at Mario Falcone’s birthday party…

Lauren: “Grow up, grow up.  Seriously, grow up.  As soon as I tell you something you don’t like…”

Jess: “Do you know what? I’m not interested. Stay away from my family, stay away from me.  I’m not interested anymore.  What you did to me the other night is unacceptable. I’ve stuck up for her and all she does is throw it back in my face.  You liar, you liar, you don’t care because you’re rude to me, you slag me off every minute you’ve got. I love you and I’ve always cared for you and all you do is throw it in my face. I’ve had enough. I’m not interested in you and Mark anymore.”

Lauren: “Oh whatever, attention seeking.”

Blimey! Do you think the girls will ever be friends again after this?

Mario’s birthday bash!

Elsewhere, it’s Mario’s birthday and he throws a huge b-day bash. The theme? ‘M’ for Mario, of course – everyone must attend dressed up as something beginning with M. It’s going to be worth tuning in to see Nanny Pat dressed up as Margret Thatcher! Just look at the wig!

While Lauren and Jess have their showdown, Joey Essex and Ricky put their problems behind them and agree to be friends. Hmm, we’ll see how long that will last….

The Only Way Is Essex, tonight on ITV2 at 10pm


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