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Amanda Bynes flees police after being pulled over

Amanda Bynes flees police after being pulled over

Uh oh…Amanda Bynes got herself into some trouble after fleeing a police officer after being pulled over. A cop noticed that the Easy A star was talking on her phone while driving, so asked her to pull over. Probably by flashing his lights and stuff.

Once she’d stopped, Amanda gave her information to the cop so that he could write up the ticket. So far, so good - well, not that good, she had just been talking on the phone while driving, but the situation’s not too awful at this point.

Then, according to, before the officer could hand the ticket over to Amanda to sign, she drove off! However, the cop decided not to chase Bynes because he didn’t think she was dangerous, and he had all her information anyway.

Maybe Amanda’s wires got crossed…or maybe she was rushing home so she could continue her phone call without getting a cop involved. Later on, Amanda realised she’d done a bad, and went to the police station so she could sign the ticket. But apparently not all has been forgiven.

Police are investigating the situation so they can decide whether she gets in trouble for this.

Not the only one

Amanda now joins a long list of celebrity types who’ve run – or driven – into trouble with police. Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton have all had their knuckles rapped by the LAPD with their respective DUIs. In the grand scheme of things, Amanda’s muck-up doesn’t seem that terrible – not that we’re condoning what she did – but we hope she doesn’t get into too much trouble for it…


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