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Cringe of the day! Alexandra Burke and the elephant in the room

Celebrities are often trendsetters. How many of you got ‘The Rachel’ haircut in the 90s thanks to Jennifer Aniston in Friends? And who has searched the shops after seeing Rachel Bilson in a particularly cute dress that you just had to find a copy of.

Forget fashion though, Alexandra Burke likes to think of herself as an innovator of the English language. Except she totally isn’t… in fact, we’re sorry to say that she’s just a bit cringe!

While chatting to Kate Garraway and Dan Lobb on Daybreak this morning, the X Factor winner was asked why she called her new single Elephant, and in the process she claimed to be bringing the saying ‘an elephant in the room’ to the UK. Seriously.

“I was dating someone and it just wasn’t going according to plan, so clearly nobody wanted to talk about it so there was an elephant in the room,” explains A-Burke. “I had never heard that saying before, until I’d done my writing camp for the album, and it’s a very American saying so I thought why not be the first person to bring it over here and make it into a song.”

Best of all Kate and Dan don’t even flinch at Alex’s claim of introducing us to this brand new phrase, Dan just carries on with the next question.

Watch the clip in it’s full toe-curling glory at the 4:15 mark.

Alexandra attended the WIE symposium at the Hospital this week.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s vajazzaling claims!


Alexandra Burke isn’t the only celebrity making outlandish claims this week. Jennifer Love Hewitt says she invented the phrase vajazzaling, telling Maxim magazine,

“Vajazzaling is where you stick Swarovski crystals on the female area to add a little glitz and glamour," she explains. "I actually named it that because it’s like BeDazzling for your hoo-ha.”

We think Amy Childs might have something to say about this…


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