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Davina talks about her rude-looking tattoo

Davina talks about her rude-looking tattoo

We always love catching up with the lovely Davina McCall for a chat, in fact she’s the celeb most interview in heat.

For our latest chat (read it in this week’s heat – on sale now) Davina dresses up as a naughty Brownie

“This was the best shoot ever, because I am naughty Brownie. I was top Brownie bitch. Then I went into the Guides for a bit, but I got bullied for being posh. So I binned the Guides.”

Davina also talked us through her ‘interesting’ body art,

“I have horns on my loins. It’s funny when I wear a bikini, because you can see the horns and you could be forgiven for thinking there’s a goat head down there,” she said. “I have an alien on my arse, but I’m not going to show you that. I have chilli peppers on my shoulders, which everyone thinks are carrots, so I’m going to maybe get those covered up. I’ve got my flower. It looks like a vagina with balls, but it’s actually a flower.”

Sounds delightful, Davina.
She then added: “I had my nipple pierced when I was about 25, and my tummy. I thought the nipple was brilliant – it sensitises it – but Matthew didn’t like it, so after I met Matthew I took it out.”

Read the full interview with Davina only in this week’s heat magazine – on sale now!


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