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Have nude booby pics of Christina Hendricks been leaked online?

Have nude booby pics of Christina Hendricks been leaked online?

With a bosom as ample as Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, we wouldn’t have been too surprised if the red haired star one-day accidentally popped out of her frock on the red carpet. Keeping those boobies locked down must be a task! It hasn’t been a red carpet malfunction that has resulted in supposed pics of Christina’s tatties on the Internet. Instead, some very naughty person has hacked into the actress’s mobile phone and then leaked images of what are supposed to be Hendricks’ boobs. Only they are not.

Christina’s representative has spoken out to TMZ saying that though there were indeed images stolen from Christina’s phone, the pics of the naked bosoms are not of Christina. Those big boobies belong to a milky-skinned imposter!

The police have reportedly been told and are currently hunting down both the phone hacker and the boob faker.

In October last year Christopher Chaney was arrested for hacking into Scarlett Johansson phone and posting pictures of the star in, ahem, awkward positions. When questioned Chaney admitted he was “addicted to seeing behind-the-scenes” lives of the rich and famous. His addiction has managed to land him a whopping 121 years in prison. Erm, maybe just stick to buying heat mag every Tuesday, eh?

Also, what’s with people walking around with nudey shots of themselves on their phones? We’ve got pictures of donuts, kittens and those shoes we’ve been after from Topshop. Exciting? Us? TOTALLY.


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