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Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence talks about her amazing costars

Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence talks about her amazing costars

Actress Jennifer Lawrence is about to be catapulted into the big-time when Hunger Games, in which she appears as Katniss Everdeen, gets released later this month – trust us, it’ll be as big as Harry Potter and Twilight. Jennifer was one of the first people cast on the film, and therefore got to audition her costars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, with both actors winning her over straight away - but for very different reasons.

Speaking to Celebuzz, about the auditions with director Gary Ross, she said, “Well, [Josh and Liam] were amazing. Gary kept saying before Josh read ‘He’s Peeta.’ You have to be like, ‘Gary, there are 20 people outside, stop. We have to give everyone a fair chance.’ Then Josh walked in and I was like, ‘Yep, there is Peeta.’

“He absolutely 100% is Peeta! He’s nice, he’s charming, he’s not afraid of anybody. There was no difference! So he could do that so easily.

“Then Liam walked in and every woman in the room was ‘Wow.’ That unfortunately was against him in the beginning, we were like, ‘Okay he’s just a hunk and hot.’ Then he started to read and he was absolutely incredible. He was real, he was authentic, he listened. He was an incredible actor. They were both the best. There were a lot of people that were really great, but as far as those roles go they were the best.”

Talking about shooting the film, she said, “The difficult scenes were always the physical ones because of the heat. Running through the Cornucopia in the middle of the movie to get the backpack—it was over 105 degrees that day and there was no shade anywhere! I’m in full jacket, pants, and sprinting 10, 15 times all day. That was brutal.”


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