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Jessie J sticks up for her mate Tulisa

Jessie J sticks up for her mate Tulisa

You know you've got a good friend when they are there for you when things get tought. Tulisa has faced a tough few weeks recently thanks to THAT tape, but she hasn't had to deal with it alone, thanks to friends like Jessie J.

Jessie, who has been occupying a swivelly space chair on our new fave Saturday night TV show The Voice, has told MTV News that not only does she think what happened was sort of understandable, she loves her pal Tulisa "to bits". Aww! Hey, if there's one person we'd loike to have fighting in our corner, it's Jessie J. Have you seen the way she handles herself on The Voice? Yikes. Even backs down.

Speaking of the recent sex tape incident and the furore that surrounded it, Jessie said, "Do you know what? At the end of the day everyone goes through it and what’s today’s news is tomorrows chip-butty-wrapper and that’s how you’ve got to see it."

A very level headed view of the world. Our mum would be super proud. Especially as she used to say all of that chip-butty-wrapper malarkey.

Jessie, who was Tulisa's right hand woman during the gruelling judge's house audition on the X Factor, went on to say, "My everyday focus is my music and everything else is just ‘He say, she say’ - do you know what I mean? It’s actually quite boring if I’m totally honest and I love Tulisa to bits and I’m very proud of her and you know we’re all normal. We’re young girls and there are things that you do in life that you don’t want to love like you shouldn’t. Does that make sense? You know you’re supposed to do stuff that’s crazy and I’m enjoying every minute of everything."

Aww! We love Jessie a bit after hearing her stand up for her mate and we bet Tulisa's pretty pleased to hear some words of support too.


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