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Justin Bieber on Taylor Swift: ‘I wanted to make her cry’

Justin Bieber on Taylor Swift: ‘I wanted to make her cry’

Justin Bieber Punk’d his good friend Taylor Swift last year when he made her think she was responsible for blowing up a boat full of wedding guests. The show, which creator Ashton Kutcher stopped hosting in 2003 (because he was “losing friends at a rapid pace”) is now hosted by a variety of different celebrities – including Justin.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a joint interview with Ashton, host Jimmy asked Justin what led to Taylor being punked, he explained, “Basically, she's such a sweet girl so I wanted to like make her cry. So I wanted to think of something that would really do that. And she's so sensitive so I knew that if she thought she broke up a wedding... she was literally flipping out. She was like ‘This is not okay, there's people...’ all of a sudden the bride's swimming into the shore.”

Ashton confessed that when he first saw Justin trending on Twitter, he couldn’t help but look up his videos on YouTube. He said, “I was like 'Who is this kid?'
'The music he was posting, I thought ‘Wow this is really, really good’. I thought the music he was was really great and the way that he carried himself. And then there was this overwhelming wave, like pop sensation that started to happen.

“I spoke to my producing partner and said ‘If that kid wants to do the show, and you feel that he can pull it off, that's the kid. Bring him in’. And we sat down and talked about it and he was telling me about some of the pranks he was pulling on the people in his crew, and I was really impressed with some of the stuff he was pulling off and I was like ‘Yeah, let's go’.”

Speaking about going into space on the first commercial airline, Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, Ashton said, “I'm going to space man... I'm going on the Galactic thing yeah. I was with a buddy, we had a couple of beers, some guy was selling trips to space, I'm like ‘Yeah, let's do it?’”


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