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Justin Bieber to be sued after Twitter prank?

Justin Bieber in beige hat smiling

Justin Bieber may have a lawsuit on his hands. The little pop prince loves a prank or two and Bieber recently decided it would be fun to put a random mobile phone number missing the final digit on his Twitter page and press send to his bajillion followers.

Alongside the number he teased the Beliebers by writing “Call me right now.” 

Justin’s 19 million Twitter followers lapped it up and in what we can only describe as a weird Bieber lottery, two random people from Texas were subjected to calls from his insanely dedicated fan base guessing what the missing digit could be.

Well now the poor recipients of the crazed calls have come forward looking for Bieber to pay ‘damages’.

Reportedly a man called Kent from Texas and a woman named Dilcie received the majority of the phone calls and want to sue Bieber for the inconvenience of having their phones ringing non-stop.

The clients’ lawyer is said to be asking for Bieber to pay for “damages” for his “reckless” behaviour, and that their patience “wears thin” because they’ve received over a thousand phone calls at “all hours of the day.”

Although the alleged ‘damages’ they’re asking for don’t exactly indicate a serious attempt to sue, more a get-what-they-can out of the insanely rich teenager.

The victims are supposedly requesting an apology from Bieber plus the following: Concert tickets for their grandkids; endorsement for an upcoming online project of Kent’s; money for any out of pocket expenses.

Justin, who has just celebrated his 18th birthday, has a history of pranking and that’s only set to intensify as he’s just signed up for another series of MTV's ever popular show, Punk'd.

His last prank (apart from this digit-drama) was for Taylor Swift. The teen sensation convinced the country singer to light fireworks on a beach, which then seemed to shoot off in all directions. They appeared to hit a nearby yacht, where a fake wedding was taking place. Guests on the yacht in on the act began screaming and jumping into the water, causing Taylor pace the beach and saying "This is serious".


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