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Marcus Collins keeps himself calm with hypnotherapy

Marcus Collins keeps himself calm with hypnotherapy

Marcus Collins came second in last year’s X Factor, but following the show he didn’t sit around and mop at not winning the top spot, instead he got writing straight away and already has his debut album out in the shops.

Talking to The Mirror about the quick release, he said, “The eleventh of December we finished, and on the twelfth, I went back up to Liverpool and put pen to paper and started writing and jotting down things on my iPad.

“It was just ideas of what I wanted to do musically if I was given the chance. I couldn’t think about anything else – my life has changed so dramatically and this was my opportunity.

“I got a call [two weeks later] when I was walking the dog in the park and they said, ‘Yep, we need you to come down, you’ve been signed and we want you to come to the studio as soon as possible’. And I was like, ‘Great! I’ve got loads of ideas, let’s go!

“We smashed all the way through January until it was done. And ended up with more songs than we needed - we boiled them down to the best eight original tracks and we put a couple of covers on.”

Marcus is in the middle of a busy month, with his album being released while he’s on The X Factor tour, but he has ways of relaxing despite the chaos, he said, “Don’t worry about me, I’ve got incense. I’ve got incense and an app to help me calm down and relax on me phone. It’s a hypnotherapy thing, its cool, it chills me out. That and rescue remedy – I live my life by that.

“But my stress levels are good, balanced at the minute. It can get a little bit hectic but go to the gym, do an hour release some endorphins and I’m back to normal.”


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