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Pete Doherty "ban from Amy Winehouse's funeral meant I couldn't grieve"

Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty has spoken out about his upset over not being invited to Amy Winehouse's funeral, and claims that his abscence made it hard for him to really grieve the singer's death.

Amy and Pete had been friends for a few years, however Amy's friends and family were wary of the friendship as Pete was well-known for his abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Amy embarked on a similar path and her drug and drink use was heavily reported on in the media. However, Pete says that despite being told he couldn't attent, Amy would have wanted him there. The singer says,

"(Amy) would've wanted me at the funeral...It's a personal feeling of grief I've never had the chance to see through...When Amy died I was sat in a room, a matchbox room in Camden Town, not able to leave, basically wallowing in my own filth. Literally knee-deep in s***."

The singer went on to talk about how the Rehab singer's death affected him, saying,

"I couldn't speak, I couldn't see anyone, I couldn't pick up the guitar and when I did pick up the guitar it was woeful ballads about how Amy wouldn't be coming round tonight, it wasn't a very inspiring time"


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