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Professor Green jealous of Millie Mackintosh’s sexy waiter

Professor Green jealous of Millie Mackintosh’s sexy waiter

Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh haven’t really struck us as the most likely of couples, but there is something quite cute about the two going out.

That’s why we were a bit worried when we saw tweets from east end rapper Professor saying that he’s jealous of the model who appears in a new campaign with Made In Chelsea's Millie.

He tweeted: “hold on a minute, whats all this about getting naked in a café and seducing another man? @millsmackintosh” He then added: “I don’t care if he was shorter than you, you’re having a giraffe if you think I’m putting up with this. @millsmackintosh.”

Millie replied: “@professorgreen don’t over react we were only going for afternoon tea and it just got a little warm.. perfectly normal!”

The playfight started after Professor Green found out that Millie had starred in a cheeky viral. In the Umberto Giannini advert, Millie plays a femme fatale who ensnares a waiter using some hairspray. By the end of the advert, with very little explanation (none), the pair strip down to their underwear and saunter off out of the bar.

Professor Green, who is currently in Sydney on tour with Jessie J, got his own back on Millie, though.

He tweeted: “off to get naked in a restaurant and seduce a waitress” and fairly soon after followed it up with: “Sat in a restaurant, food arrives and the waiter puts a bib on me. What the f***?”

Ha...maybe naked people in restaurants are better off in adverts than in real life?

The hairspray advert can be seen at


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