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Talk to the hand! Suri Cruise is still acting like an adult

Suri Cruise shields her face from paparazzi cameras outside Joanne Trattoria restaurant in New York

Suri Cruise as a celebrity in her own right is now a fact but damn, she's getting good. After a meal with mother last night in New York, the precocious five-year-old covered her face herself, lest any paparazzi get a shot of her post-dinner.

Her actress mum Katie Holmes didn't seem bothered at all about photographs being taken. Although the poor woman's probably been gagging for a bit of attention since the arrival of Suri five years ago.

The two were at Lady Gaga's family's restaurant in NYC called Joanne Trattoria and alas, all eyes were on the five-year-old (working a fairly textbook colour-block). Sorry Katie if we're being honest we didn't really even notice you were there until about five seconds in, such is the power and blinding celebrity aura of your daughter.

The 34-year-old actress shows no signs of knocking Suri down a peg or two though, she and dad Tom Cruise seem happy to let Suri roll around all adulty, having dinner after bedtime and owning TONS of shoes. In fact, they're positively encouraging it. Someone's got to sign on the dotted line.

Even the most famous five year old in the world couldn't just walk into Prada/Chuck E Cheese and whip out a (personalised, gold embossed) cheque book. Or can they? Things are different in America.

The sheer speed at which Suri is racing through life has got us wondering. Our theory is that Suri is working through an actual list. She's scribbled it down in really posh writing (using a Tiffany pen) and it’s called Celeb Things I Must Get Under My Belt Before I'm Ten.

Let’s see what's on it so far…

Adult things Suri Cruise does

1. Wear Blair Waldorf-style fashion sense. Check.

2. Own a bajillion pairs of shoes. Check.

3. Wear red lipstick. Check

4. Wear heels to the beach. Check.

5. Disobey mother and NOT wear a coat out. Check.

6. Buy willy-shaped sweeties. Check.

7. Have a movie on the way. Check.

Now last night’s trip and unfortunate run in with the paps (SIGH) enabled Suri to cross-off ‘Eating out WAY beyond bedtime.’ Check.


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