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Alexandra Burke ‘nearly arrested’

Alexandra Burke ‘nearly arrested’

Alexandra Burke sang about loving naughty boys in her 2009 single Bad Boys, but who’d have thought she was actually the naughty one.

The X Factor champ was reportedly nearly arrested while shooting her latest music video.

The Elephant singer was filming the video for her new single Let it Go on the London Underground this weekend when police reportedly told Alexandra and her crew to stop because they didn’t have full permission to film there.

“The tube manager kept making announcements over the tannoy that filming had to stop,” a source told The Sun.

“When he was ignored, he came downstairs and shouted that Alexandra didn’t have the right permit to film,” the source added.

“At first Alex thought he was joking. But when he said she’d be arrested, she realised things were more serious and hurried out.”

Alexandra talks about having ‘an arse’

So it’s not just filming in illegal places that gets naughty Alexandra going – she’s also keen to tell the world all about her behind; and more specifically about how men want to “grab and tap that ass.”

“I am a curvaceous little girl," she said. "I like having an arse.

“No man can tell me they want a skinny chicken bird. Hell no! They want to grab and tap that ass.

Not satisfied with just talking about her bum, Alexandra soon moved on to another X-rated part of her body.

“I don't have big boobs but that doesn't mean I am going to get a big old boob job,” she added.

Wonder how her new beau Jermain Defoe feels about Alexandra’s naughty side...


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