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Amy Childs was head girl of her school!

Amy Childs was head girl of her school!

She doesn't strike us as the smartest girl around, but former TOWIE star Amy Childs is as nice as pie, and had us in fits of laughter when she came in for a webchat. So we're not surprised that the teachers at her school gave her the title of head girl because she's so nice!

In an interview with the Independent, Amy said that she was set back in school because of her dyslexia. At the private school, she "was always behind in class. There was people in my class who was amazing at art, amazing at maths, amazing at English, but I wasn't clever with anything, even though I tried my hardest."

"And then, at the end, they gave me head girl."

Before you start thinking of something cheeky, she means her school decided to have her as their head girl in the sixth form. She continued: "The teachers saw how much I tried, and how nice a girl I was." Awww. S

he also recalled how she brought the vajazzle to the Great British public: "I went to do the Brazilian waxing class – you know, when you have a strip? And they said we're doing an extra class in vajazzling, do you want to do it, and I was like: 'Yeah, I'd love to do it'."

"So when the producers [of TOWIE] said to me do you know any beauty tricks, something different, I said straight away I could do a vajazzle, and when I did the vajazzle it took off like you can't imagine. I made it famous!"

And history was born. Are you surprised that Amy was head girl?


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