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Harry Styles dates American model

Harry Styles dates American model

Without getting all Caroline Flack, Harry Styles is FIT. The curly-mopped teenager, despite not long being out of nappies, is alright on the eye. So it's no wonder that he's been spotted kissing a beautiful American model.

He's been on two dates with Emma Ostilly in Auckland, New Zealand, where One Direction are currently on a promotional tour.

Someone who was lucky enough to see it all told The Mirror: "They really seemed to have a connection and only had eyes for each other."

"They were enjoying themselves, laughing and joking together. They seemed very happy and relaxed and you could tell they have a history together."

And the same personn - stalker, much? - saw Emma visit Harry at the hotel where One Direction are staying: "They went out again to a couple of bars in the city and then came back a few hours later. She ended up getting a lift home with Harry's driver in the early hours of the morning. Who knows if this will lead to anything."

Harry's not been shy, posting a photo of him and the blonde lady online. It's believed they met on the set of the Gotta Be You video, which was filmed in her home town of New York.

Although they might not yet be boyfriend and girlfriend, at least this puts and end to the rumours that Harry caught koala-chlamydia while in Australia. There's no way a model would get off with a boy with koala-chlamydia, right?


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